Youth Ambassador Training Academy

This project is a pilot program for youth and young adults ages 16 to 24. The academy’s mission is to equip and inspire young leaders to work to affect social change, and ultimately global change on preventing and fighting human trafficking through prevention & awareness education/advocacy at schools, conferences and community events.

The Youth Ambassadors will be a motivated and diverse group of youth from public & private schools and colleges who are committed to inspiring one another to lead. They will be trained by RJEC staff, human trafficking survivors (who are certified peer counselors), the
Co-Director of the CWRU Human Trafficking Law Clinic, as well as Law Enforcement personnel. Additionally, informed specialized trauma training will be provided by a specialist. The training will also include program participation, as well as support groups for victims facilitated by a medical physician and a psychologist.

Once trained, Youth Ambassadors will be assigned to speaking engagements at schools, college campuses, RJEC events/conferences, annual teen summit and various other community events. Youth Ambassadors will also speak at the annual Human Trafficking Youth Prevention Conference at the Statehouse in Columbus, Ohio. In addition, Youth Ambassadors will conduct focus groups on the Center’s youth programming and make recommendations for enhancement or improvements to programs; organize service projects; assist at fundraisers; and create opportunities to engage more youth to be leaders in their community in the fight to eradicate human trafficking.