The mission of RJEC’s student-run medical clinic is to ensure that the medically under-served human trafficked clients we serve at our Center and outreach events have access to basic healthcare screenings, assessments, wraparound services, vital health information, as well as drug/alcohol prevention & awareness programs provided in a warm, safe kind inviting environment.
What services will the RJEC Medical Clinic offer?
  • General health screenings
  • Blood pressure checks
  • Blood glucose readings
  • Standardized client education
  • Health fairs/talks
  • Referrals to outside community resources
Taking Healthcare to the Streets:
Medical students at RJEC Medical Clinic are involved in several monthly community street outreach programs called Project Red Cord Night Out. The program currently serves four neighborhoods that have a high level of prostitution and human trafficking. RJEC has recently expanded it’s community street outreach efforts to Summit County in Akron, OH.

RJEC’s first art exhibit unveiled the truth and exposed the twisted secrets that lead to and feed the human trafficking trade. This survivor-created, interactive art exhibit invokes an honest and raw look into understanding the world of human trafficking and sexual assault and the lasting impact on its victims. The physically/emotionally/spiritually damaged survivors must make peace with their past as part of the healing process through: Journal entries; photo essays; and audio recordings.
TRUTH – Phase II
Powerful. Emotional. Moving. An honest look behind the harsh reality of human trafficking. Survivors work hand in hand in the production as they heal from their own trauma. The survivors’ TRUTH exhibit shares images and powerful stories. Each survivor’s experience and triggers may be different. Real life scenarios depicting triggers will help visitors become more aware and sensitive toward survivor’s PTSD.
Uncensored and baring their souls, survivors painfully recall their own nightmarish experiences and the atrocities they endured.


This game was designed to discuss the sensitive topic of human trafficking with teenagers to prevent them from falling prey to this crime. The average age a teen enters the sex trade in the US is 12 to 14 years old. Many victims are runaway girls who were sexually abused as children. The game was created to therapeutically educate youth informing them about making healthy choices and to learn the truth about human trafficking and what the victims of this crime encounter. the structure of the game changes based on population and identified needs and responses of participants who are referred to as warriors in the game.
The TRAPPED Game brings a strong awareness of human trafficking and its bitter realities and let’s game participants experience a spicy dose of deception, boiling in betrayal, lingering lies with a sprinkling of shattered promises covered with a blending of fake news mixed in with realty news all to help youth learn how easy it can be to become groomed and trapped in this underworld, and the difficulties of trying to escape this life. Trapped Game participants enter a deadly danger zone. it’s hot, explicit for sexual and street language, while providing the details in the cracks of the tracks. it’s the drugs, gangs, gambling, oppression, sex, money laundering and the violence. You get to see it up close and hear the stories and actually feel the pressure. TRAPPED pulls at the strings of your heart and soul, revealing the true enemy as it shines a spotlight on a dark portion of our society, and gives youth the tools to avoid becoming trapped in the world of human trafficking.


P.A.L.S- Prevention & Awareness Leaders in Safety
A creative approach to help children learn to stay safe from being a possible victim of sexual assault. Survivors and Youth Ambassadors will be trained to utilize the puppets to help kids learn about safety and their environment. The P.A.L.S will also be used at our Project Red Cord Outreach events, where there are large numbers of teens and young children.
The intention of these puppets is to help engage youth to be more aware of their surroundings and the people who are influencing them on AND off the streets.


Human Trafficking is a booming international trade, making billions of dollars at the expense of millions of victims, who are robbed of their dignity and freedom. Although most of us have never witnessed this crime, it happens virtually in every community, every day.
The Project Red Cord Global Initiative was designed to share innovative ideas of how RJEC’s treatment and outreach models (e.g. providing direct services to human trafficking victims) can be used to fight this crime globally. Through teamwork, technology connections, virtual classrooms for round table discussions, professional development opportunities, and more for organizations who are working to combat human trafficking worldwide.