TRAPPED, an interactive, life-sized board game, was developed to emphasize the importance of implementing prevention, awareness, and intervention activities for teens. Participants learn how to facilitate the game using experiential learning strategies to meet youth where they are socially, developmentally, and academically. They embark on a rescue mission in the underworld of human trafficking. The game is designed for youth ages 12-18 to prevent them from falling prey in this game. It provides crucial information about human trafficking and the plight of victims trapped in the underworld. The audience becomes bystanders watching and learning as warrior’s battle to survive the journey. TRAPPED-based skills and facts help identify predatory behavior and unhealthy relationships used by traffickers in person and online.

Players of TRAPPED experience simulations of deceptions, betrayals, lies, shattered promises and threats. The game depicts how easy it is to become unknowingly manipulated, seduced, groomed, isolated and trapped in this underworld, and what victims must do to survive, safely escape and start anew. 

The gameboard layout advances players through various scenarios involving drugs, alcohol, gangs, gambling, oppression, forced sex, forced labor, money laundering, crime, recruiting and the consequences. Players see the ugly truth up close, hear the gruesome stories and feel the pressure in the fight to save their loved one.  Participants will then learn:
      1.   How to recognize and help victims
      2.   Identify, report and/or avoid traffickers and abusers
      3.   What to do after escaping
The warrior champion is the one who advances the furthest on the board game and is able to attempt to rescue the victim. 

TRAPPED is a powerful teaching awareness and  prevention tool that gets real, real fast. The game takes approximately 60-90 minutes with up to four players.

Programs and services made possible through the federal Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) Grant VOCA - 132920729